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DaaS Performance

The performance of your MyDaaS desktops and applications will truly stand out in a crowd.

Based on our experience hosting remote desktop solutions over many years, we deploy the most appropriate optimised hardware while allocating the virtual servers the correct amount of resources to ensure that your desktops and applications JUST WORK.

The MyDaaS Performance Guarantee;

We will always ensure that your desktops and applications are allocated sufficient resources to ensure they perform. If more memory and/or processing resources are required to satisfy your applications needs then these will be added as needed, without delay and at no extra cost, to ensure your experience is always great.

One of our end users was so happy recently that she sent us an email which we have extracted part of here;

Ok, I’ve done a little bit of a trial run on Attached and … I love it! I can’t believe how fast it is. I tried doing customer enquiries, drilling down to see invoice detail, supplier enquiries, drilling down to see invoice detail, creating a supplier invoice, running reports. All with fantastic results. Now prepare yourself for my nerdy moment, I got out my Iphone and used my stop watch to do some comparisons. I think you’ll be stunned by what we’ve been used to in the past.

Logging in 29 seconds 2 seconds
Masterfiles/Customer/Enquire 16 seconds 2 seconds
Bringing up Transactions 16 seconds Instant
Drilling down on invoices 16 seconds Instant
Masterfiles/Suppliers/Enquire 16 seconds Instant

Many other providers sprout technical jargon about CPU this and storage that and.... we could too, but at the end of the day, you just want it all to work... and in a timely fashion.

For the nerds out there, next time we're chatting, don't hesitate to bring up platform tech specs as we love talking about how good our platform is and how we made it as good as it is.