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Desktop or App Streaming

How do you need to access your applications?

A Desktop as a Service solution with MyDaaS is flexible enough to deliver exactly what you need. What will work best for you?

Most users require a whole desktop but if your main reason to move your application to the 'cloud' is so your team can access it, by itself, then it may make more sense to deploy it as a hosted application rather than a whole desktop.

From a technical perspective, the same pieces are required to drive both a desktop and a single application, so it is your choice whether you wish to deploy your DaaS solution as a Desktop or configured for App Streaming.

If you can see benefits for having BOTH within your deployment, this can be added easily too. Perhaps your office staff require a full desktop but you have some staff on the road and they only need access to your ERP system, then a combined DaaS deployment could be a good choice.

Do you need a whole desktop?
Stream your whole desktop using MyDaaS
Or would access to 1 or 2 apps be spot on?
Stream a particular application MyDaaS