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Network design and security in the cloud is in reality not that different to what has always traditionally been required on-premise and within your own office.   However, the difference in the cloud is that we have highly skilled engineers who are continually, day in day out, building and fine tuning our security measures, systems and tools which have a direct flow on effect to those desktop users within our platforms.    Do you have the same skilled people continually fine tuning your security measures?

DaaS Network Security

These days, nearly every desktop system, whether on-premise or hosted in the cloud, will have and need internet access.   As soon as any device is internet connected it needs to be secured, protected and actively updated on a regular basis.   In an on-premise deployment, it is often perceived to be safer and more secure "because it is in my office" in the server cabinet.   But, in the cloud, our desktops are on the internet...   perception versus the reality position... both systems could be just as vulnerable, depending on the deployed security measures and configuration.   How certain are you of your implemented security?

Imagine if your login or system password was "password", so it was easy for you to remember, your system would be inherently insecure and it would not matter where it was hosted, either cloud or on-premise, it would simply be a matter of time until someone hacked your network.

In reality, Cloud can be Just As Secure (or Insecure) as traditional On-Premises Systems

That statement may come as a surprise, but it is the truth.   But what is not a surprise is that when an organisation begins thinking of moving to the cloud, or a desktop hosted service, businesses usually pay more attention to security than they have done in the past, simply because the desktops are now "on the internet".

Moving to the cloud for SMB/Medium size enterprises will increase security

This statement is also true, simply based around the fact that network security has now come to front of mind and is approached with some investment to ensure that it is undertaken correctly.   Whereas on-premise, it may or may not have been given as much attention simply because, "the servers are safe in our building".   Thus, the perception of being safe rather than the reality of being safe.

After you move your desktops and user workload into the cloud, there are several security measures that we implement for you, designed into the system including;

Some items are of course within your control but we recommend certain default settings for things like;

Cloud security is not a function either we (as the provider) or you (the customer) undertake alone, as it is, and always will be a joint effort.   Thankfully, now that security is something that is top of mind for the customer on a more regular basis than a once a year review, your desktop systems and network servers will more than likely be more secure than they ever have been.

So, moving to a Desktop as a service solution with MyDaaS can and most likely will be more secure than on-premise.

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